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Starbucks to launch new Odyssey digital experience later this year

The Seattle-based coffee chain says its new Odyssey experience will enable customers to earn and buy digital collectible stamps that will unlock access to immersive coffee experiences

Starbucks Odyssey will serve as an extension of the Starbucks Rewards programme | Photo credit: Starbucks


Starbucks has unveiled its Starbucks Odyssey concept, a digital experience that enables users to engage with educational coffee activities, play interactive games and earn digital collectable rewards. 

Powered by Web3 technology, Starbucks Odyssey will serve as an extension of the Starbucks Rewards programme.  

By playing interactive games or completing challenges to deepen their knowledge of coffee and Starbucks, users will be rewarded for completing journeys with a digital collectable ‘journey stamp’ (NFT). Customers can then purchase digital assets that unlock exclusive, but as-of-yet unspecified, coffee experiences and rewards. 

Customers can also purchase limited-edition NFTs through a built-in marketplace within the Starbucks Odyssey web app. 

“By integrating into the Starbucks Rewards ecosystem and grounding the experience in coffee, connection and community, we are entering the Web3 space differently than any other brand, while deepening our members’ connection to Starbucks. Our vision is to create a place where our digital community can come together over coffee, engage in immersive experiences, and celebrate the heritage and future of Starbucks,” said Brady Brewer, Chief Marketing Officer, Starbucks. 

In May 2022, a blog post written by Brewer detailed plans to create a new digital ecosystem to complement the organisation’s current digital platform offering, such as mobile payment, mobile ordering and digital loyalty. 

Customers and Starbucks employees have been encouraged to join a waiting list for early access to the Starbucks Odyssey experience ahead of its launch later this year. 

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