In other coffee business news... 23-29 September 2022

Clooney left empty-handed in Nespresso promotion, Tim Hortons gives customers a run for their money and Segafredo Zanetti surfs up healthy RTD coffee range

Swiss coffee company Nespresso has launched a new campaign to highlight the threat of climate change | Photo credit: Nespresso


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Glass half empty as Nespresso broadcasts climate warning 


Swiss coffee pod company Nespresso has launched a new campaign highlighting the threat of climate change for coffee farmers. 'The Empty Cup' campaign features US actor and Nespresso brand ambassador George Clooney holding an empty cup in place of his trademark Nespresso coffee. In an upcoming Time editorial, Clooney urges readers to ‘think outside the cup’ when it comes to tackling climate change. 

Tim Hortons gives branded apparel a trial run  


Canadian coffee chain Tim Hortons has launched a limited-edition Tims Run Club clothing line. Dedicated to customers who ‘make a daily Tims Run before work’, the tongue-in-cheek merchandise includes a windbreaker jacket ‘with elbow padding for drive-thru comfort’, Tims Run Club socks, sweatbands and wristbands. Hope Bagozzi, Chief Marketing Officer at Tim Hortons, labelled the Tims Run Club ‘the only run club where no running is involved’.  

Segafredo Zanetti makes waves in the RTD market 

Segafredo Zanetti partnered with Bangkok Airways to launch the Bangkok Airways Surf Festival 2022. The joint event, held on 24 September 2022, featured water sports, exercise classes and beach volleyball. Segafredo Zanetti is seeking to build a reputation as a sports brand via its healthy, ready-to-drink (RTD) coffee products and said the collaboration reinforces the brand’s support for sports and sporting events.  

Autogrill puts food waste on airport’s radar 


Travel concession giant Autogrill has partnered with Too Good To Go, an app enabling food and beverage retailers to sell unsold products at a discounted rate to reduce waste. Autogrill said 10 of its licensed stores at Brussels Airport, including Exki, Le Pain Quotidien, Panos and Starbucks, will offer products on the app ahead of a wider deployment at the airport. The company has already trialled the project at its Starbucks locations in the Belgian capital.  

Zara continues Bazzara legal action in trademark dispute 


Spanish fashion brand Zara is continuing its legal action against Italian coffee roaster Bazzara in a dispute over branding. The dispute began in 2015 when Zara presented a notice to the European Union Intellectual Property Office in relation to the four letters shared by the two brands. Zara says similarities between the two brands’ logos could cause confusion, jeopardise its reputation and mislead customers. Franco and Mauro Bazzara, President and CEO of the coffee roaster, said the legal dispute was exhausting but unconcerning, adding that the situation highlights the need for the EU to “reduce the bureaucracy burden”. 

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