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Eversys upgrades facility ahead of 'significant' coffee chain collaboration

The Swiss super automatic espresso machine manufacturer is collaborating with a ‘significant international coffee chain’ to produce an automated cold brew coffee machine and plans to double its sales in the next few years

Large quantities of the new product will be built in its Sierre factory and delivered to the US from the start of 2024 | Photo credit: Eversys


Switzerland’s Eversys has announced an ongoing collaboration with an unspecified ‘significant international coffee chain’ to manufacture a new automated cold brew coffee machine, with a letter of intent paving the way for production.  

Super automatic espresso machine manufacturer Eversys said large quantities of the new product will be built in its Sierre-based factory and delivered initially to the US from the start of 2024. 

The announcement comes shortly after Starbucks announced a $450m investment to modernise its stores with new equipment to simplify operations and speed up service with a focus on the cold brew segment.

As such, Eversys is expanding its facility, with a 46% capacity increase set to be completed by the end of 2023. The project is expected to cost approximately CHF 25m ($25.5m). 

The development will enable the expected increased production demands of producing a fully automatic coffee machine for cold brewed coffee.  

Eversys said sales growth had recovered this year to date, following a 10% fall in revenue in 2021. The company expects year-on-year growth of over 50% for 2022, exceeding CHF 100m ($102m) turnover for the first time.  

Expectations are also driven by the planned launch of a new ‘Legacy’ product line in 2023 which Eversys anticipates generating new global clients. 

"Eversys has promising prospects, and we feel comfortable in Sierre and well supported by the cantonal and municipal authorities. Provided that the global environment does not have a significant negative impact on the economy, we should be able to double turnover in the coming years and grow our global team to around 500 people," said Martin Strehl, CEO, Eversys. 

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