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Become a smooth cold brew operator with FREDDA

Time saving, energy efficient and waste reducing, FREDDA’s patented 3-minute cold brew maker is a game changer for hospitality operators seeking to grow their share in the booming global cold brew market with minimal investment

“I couldn’t believe that something like this machine existed”, says Sam Haqparast, owner of Sam's Coffee in Zwolle, The Netherlands | Photo credit: FREDDA Europe

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Cold brew is currently the coolest (pun intended) coffee trend around the world, with the number of coffee shop customers requesting the beverage rising year-on-year.
The global cold brew coffee market is projected to reach $2.8bn by 2026, up from $510.5m in 2020. In 2020, the UK alone hit annual sales of £56m ($63m) according to Grocery Trader.
While serving cold brew is an attractive – and lucrative – proposition for operators, preparing quality cold brew at scale can prove challenging.
Standard cold brew equipment can take 8-24 hours to make a single batch. If it doesn’t sell within a week, it’ll need to be thrown out. If operators sell out, they won’t be able to make a new batch straight away.
This is where the FREDDA cold brew coffee maker comes into play.
With its horizontal and vertical cyclones that speed up extraction, the patented vacuum technology can extract up to 750ml of delicious ready-to-drink cold brew coffee or tea in just 3-5 minutes and has the potential to produce hundreds of fresh brews in just 24 hours.
High precision digital controls guarantee consistent cold brew extraction with every brew. It’s a game-changing solution to crafting a flavourful and aromatic, fresh cold brew more
efficiently and with far less waste.
“This is the best coffee I have ever drunk,” said Jason Wang, head of Jascaffe, one of China’s largest coffee equipment distributor and maintenance companies.
Operators give FREDDA the thumbs up
FREDDA was launched at the World of Coffee in Milan in June 2022, where operators and baristas from across the globe got the chance to test FREDDA’s innovative cold brew solution for themselves.
“We brewed some coffee on FREDDA... and we are stoked with the results. Pretty interesting, pretty fast, and the result is really amazing,” said Cristian Plange, a barista at Sloane Coffee Roastery, Romania.
Sam’s Coffee, an espresso bar in Zwolle, The Netherlands, was the first café in Europe to use FREDDA in-store. The business’s owner, Sam Haqparast, a barista and a roaster himself,
explains what led him to FREDDA:
“I was searching for cold brew recipes, and when I saw FREDDA, I couldn’t believe that something like this machine existed. Normally, making cold brew takes from 6-24 hours, and you never really know how much coffee you will need for the next day.
“Because FREDDA takes only three minutes to make cold brew, it’s always fresh, and without bitterness. My customers also prefer the taste of coffee made with FREDDA to the traditional method, since it’s not bitter. I am very happy with it.”

FREDDA was created by Wistron, a Fortune 500 manufacturing firm headquartered in
FREDDA’s revolutionary development in the extraction of ready-to-drink cold brew and cold brew concentrate will give coffee retailers the ability to enter the thriving cold brew market without significant capital investment.

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