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7-Eleven to serve Fairtrade coffee across its 700 Australian stores

The Australian convenience retailer says its move to 100% Fairtrade coffee makes it the largest Fairtrade certified coffee retailer in Australia

Convenience retailer 7-Eleven operates more than 700 stores across Australia | Photo credit: Josh Chiodo

7-Eleven has boosted the sustainability credentials of its coffee, with every beverage sold now 100% Fairtrade certified.

The convenience retailer, which operates more than 700 stores across Australia, said the move to 100% Fairtrade certified coffee not only aligned with its ongoing commitment to reduce its societal and environmental impact, but also makes the company Australia’s largest Fairtrade certified coffee retailer.

“This Fairtrade announcement is part of our broader commitment to the environment and a key pillar of the launch of our most sustainable coffee ever. It’s now more important than ever to know where your coffee comes from, and to know it’s traded on fair terms with fair working conditions. This means a more sustainable future for coffee farmers, their communities, and our customers,” said Julie Laycock, General Manager of Customer and Insights, 7-Eleven.

7-Eleven has also launched new coffee cup packaging, made with plants, and expanded its coffee cup recycling programme.

Offering a discount for customers who purchase coffee using their reusable coffee cups, 7-Eleven’s Cup Rescue recycling programme is now operational in over 680 stores.

The company said the Simply Cups programme has diverted more than 27 million cups from landfill to date.

In August 2022, 7-Eleven announced its first price increase since 2009 after sustained cost pressures over the previous 12 months made existing price structures ‘unsustainable’.

A regular coffee now costs A$2 ($1.26), although a A$0.50 ($0.32) discount is applied for customers who choose to use their own reusable cup.

The importance of value and convenience for Australian coffee consumers was highlighted by supermarket chain Coles, which credited its A$1 ($0.69) in-store coffee offer as a key performer in its 2022 results.

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