In other coffee business news... 4-10 November 2022

Lavazza sees brighter days ahead, coffee could be a Covid elixir, some friendly advice for hospitality businesses, Asahi puts water in the hot seat and Cafélier gets a head for heights... 

Lavazza's calendar celebrates the resumption of hospitality trade and communal gatherings following the pandemic | Photo credit: Lavazza


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Lavazza issues annual coffee update 

Lavazza has unveiled its annual calendar, which this year celebrates the resumption of hospitality trade and communal gatherings following the pandemic. Designed by Italian agency Armando Testa and photographed by US photographer Alex Prager, the calendar is titled ‘YES! We’re OPEN’. Lavazza said it wanted to convey how cafés and hospitality venues provide communities with an ‘inclusive place for cultures and identities to come together over a cup of coffee’. Lavazza has been producing its annual calendar for 30 years. 

A coffee a day could keep Covid away, researchers say 


Coffee consumption could reduce the risk of contracting Covid-19, German researchers have suggested. The team from Jacobs University found that 5-caffeoylquinic acid, a chemical compound found in coffee, inhibits the interaction between the spike protein of Covid-19 and the ACE-2 receptor of the human cell, potentially preventing infection. The findings will now be communicated to psychology and social science researchers. Professor Nikolai Kuhnert said: “As chemists, we cannot answer in practice whether drinking coffee could really serve as a preventive measure to protect against infection. But we can say it's plausible.” 

Coffee served best with friends, BRITA survey shows 

Strong relationships between hospitality staff are vital for the prosperity of the industry, new research suggests. A survey of 350 hospitality professionals conducted by BRITA Professional and The Burnt Chef Project found 84% say it is invaluable to form friendships at work and 51% recognise they are more efficient, productive and energetic when working with their ‘work best friend’. A further 41% said their customer service improves when working with a friend. “The friendships forming quietly in UK hospitality venues have a loud impact on the sector,” said Chris Fay C.F.S.P, Business Account Manager at BRITA Professional. 

Coffee faces hot competition in Japan  

Japanese food and beverage company Asahi has launched Oishi Mizu Tennensui Sayu, a bottled hot water product, as an alternative to coffee and tea. Asahi said the popularity of hot water products in Japan has risen in recent years, with consumer demand increasing in the autumn and winter months. The retailer said the beverage helps to warm up customers without the jittery caffeine side effects of coffee or tea. The hot water is warmed to around 50°C to 60°C via an in-store heating rack. 


Cafélier has high hopes for new cafés 


Romanian coffee chain Cafélier has signed a ten-year lease contract to open three outlets in the SkyTower Building, the tallest office building in the country. The company will operate café locations in the newly redesigned lobby, the recently opened SkyHub Events Centre and the outside urban garden area of SkyTower. “We are excited to operate our concept of specialty coffee and create high expectations, similar to the height of Romania’s tallest building,” said Corina Serban, Managing Partner of Cafélier. 

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