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A statement from Allegra Group on the war in Ukraine

We have been deeply saddened at the human tragedy unfolding in Ukraine. The Allegra Group condemns the Russian government’s invasion of its sovereign and democratic neighbour in the strongest possible terms

Kyiv, Ukraine | Photo credit: Gleb Albovsky

We feel deep empathy with the Ukrainian people, and everyone affected by this appalling situation. Our profound sympathies go out to all of those impacted by this devasting conflict, particularly our colleagues and partners in the coffee and hospitality industries.
We also know many of our friends and colleagues in Russia strongly condemn the violence in Ukraine and we stand by them during this heart-breaking situation.

Allegra Group is committed to offering support and assistance to Ukrainian refugees and the wider European hospitality industry wherever possible through donations, accommodation provision, employment opportunities and volunteer assistance.
We also welcome and invite dialogue with our partners from across the global coffee industry on how we can offer continued support to the Ukrainian people. 

Businesses or individuals who wish to discuss ideas and support can get in touch here

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