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Howard Schultz outlines strategy to ‘reinvent’ the Starbucks experience

Starbucks Interim CEO has written to the company’s employees about addressing the challenges of the future, pledging improved working conditions for staff, more sustainable operations and enhanced customer experience

Schultz has stated the need to redesign the way in which Starbucks and its employees work together  | Photo caption: Athar Khan


Howard Schultz has said that Starbucks must ‘modernise and transform’ its in-store experience, with the chain’s interim CEO outlining points for the coffee chain's ‘reinvention

With a more detailed plan expected in the coming weeks, Schultz stated the need to redesign the way in which Starbucks and its employees work together which he said will ‘create new ways to thrive together’. 

Having returned to lead Starbucks in April 2022, Schultz said that he been holding honest and ‘often vulnerable conversations’ with staff in which employees have shared their views on improving staff wellbeing amid recent unionisation movements across Starbucks’ US stores.  

Schultz also shared some principles, inspired by the employee feedback, that he said will help the company move forward, including better opportunities for staff advancement and shared accountability between management and employees. 

In several of the other plans Schultz reiterated previous Starbucks pledges, such as reconnecting with customers ‘by delivering memorable and personalised moments’ and creating more ‘planet positive’ stores. 

In June 2022, Starbucks confirmed that Schultz will remain Interim CEO until the start of 2023, with the Seattle-based coffee chain preparing to appoint an external successor to Kevin Johnson later this year.  

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