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Starbucks introduces re-usable cup scheme in Taiwan

The coffee chain is rolling-out its Borrow A Cup scheme at 60 stores across the country and will introduce the programme to all its Taiwanese stores by the end of 2023

The Borrow A Cup scheme will be extended to all Starbucks stores in Taiwan by the end of 2023 | Photo credit: Starbucks


Starbucks has launched its Borrow A Cup re-usable cup scheme across 60 stores in Taiwan and will extend coverage to all stores nationwide by the end of 2023. 

The coffee chain, which operates 480 outlets across Taiwan, successfully piloted the initiative at two stores in Houshanpi and Taoyuan in July 2022. 

Customers pay a TW$50 ($1.60) refundable deposit per cup upon ordering and can return the reusable cups in-store or via a KIOSK cup return machine at designated delivery ports across the country. Used cups are collected, washed and sterilised before being returned to Starbucks outlets. 

The announcement follows several Starbucks initiatives in the last 18 months to help reduce waste and carbon emissions across its global portfolio of stores. 

In June 2021 the Seattle-based coffee chain said it would introduce its reusable Cup-Share programme at all of its 3,840 stores across 43 countries in Europe, the Middle East and Africa by 2025. The scheme was rolled-out across the UK, France and Germany last year. 

Additionally, in March 2022 Starbucks announced that US and Canadian customers would be able to use their own reusable cup for every visit by the end of 2023. The company operates 17,295 outlets across the two countries. 

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