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Starbucks begins EV charge point rollout in the US

The Seattle-based coffee chain begins an electric vehicle charging project that could boost sales as drivers wait for their vehicles to charge in 15 US stores across the Pacific Northwest 

Starbucks will analyse the usage rates of the chargepoints before determining the viability of expanding the service nationally | Photo credit: Starbucks


Four electric vehicle (EV) charging points have been installed at a Starbucks store in Provo, Utah, as the Seattle coffee giant kickstarts the rollout of chargepoints along a 1,350-mile route between the Colorado Rockies and its headquarters in Seattle. 

Up to 60 Volvo-branded chargers, powered by ChargePoint, will be installed at 15 Starbucks stores along the route, approximately 100 miles apart. Select outlets in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Utah and Colorado are included in the project. 

The US government has a target of EVs constituting 50% of new car sales in the US by 2030. However, limited charging infrastructure is widely considered a barrier to public adoption.  

Starbucks will hope to see increased in-store business as drivers wait for their vehicles to charge and said it will analyse the usage rates of the chargepoints before determining the viability of expanding the service nationally. 

A standard EV with a 60kWh battery can usually add up to 100 miles of range in 40 minutes charging time. Most EVs have a range of 200-250 miles on a full charge. 

Drivers of Volvo vehicles will be able to access the chargepoints for free, due to a partnership between Starbucks and the Swedish manufacturer, with an unspecified fee applying to other EVs. 

“Access to EV charging should be as easy as getting a great cup of coffee – and now, it can be. We look forward to continuing this partnership with Volvo and ChargePoint, exploring new ways to enhance the Starbucks Experience and inviting customers on our journey to become a resource positive company,” said Michael Kobori, Chief Sustainability Officer, Starbucks. 

Starbucks, which operates over 15,600 stores in the US, plans to offer EV charging and onsite solar availability at outlets and in adjacent locations across the country by 2030, with existing solar pilot locations set to reach 55 new stores this year.  

In the UK, Europe's largest coffee chain, Costa Coffee, has partnered with InstaVolt to install rapid  EV charging points at 200 new and existing drive thru stores.

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