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Saudi Arabia to ramp up coffee production with new investment

Saudi government enters 15-year agreement build a coffee development city in the Bahar region, which will include coffee tree planting as well as processing, packaging, and roasting facilities

Coffee cultivated in Saudi Arabia's Baha region | Photo credit: Sliman

Saudi Arabia will invest in expanding coffee cultivation and processing in its southwestern Baha region.
The government’s Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture has signed a 15-year deal with the Agricultural Cooperative Society of Baljurashi to plant more than 300,000 arabica coffee seedlings and pomegranate trees and on a 1.7-million-hectare site in the village of Mashuqa, Baha.
The site will also include a model farm, integrated nursery for the cultivation of coffee seedlings and an industrial area containing processing and roasting facilities.
Coffee is already cultivated in Saudi Arabia’s southwestern Jazan province, with the region producing around 336 tons of coffee in 2019.

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