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Join the Global Coffee Institute in forging a new era of hospitality excellence

New membership organisation will provide a united platform for coffee shop and food-to-go businesses to share best practice, inform key policy and generate new business opportunities across the global coffee industry

GCI represents coffee shop & food-to-go segments around the world | Photo credit: Igor Starkov

The global coffee shop market has enjoyed remarkable and sustained growth over the last two decades. Through financial crises, profound societal changes and a global pandemic, the segment has proved resilient, agile, and innovative in the face of severe market pressures.
Today, hospitality businesses are the beating heart of communities worldwide and present increasingly lucrative investment opportunities for entrepreneurs, scaled operators and multinationals alike.
The Global Coffee Institute (GCI) is an independent membership organisation representing coffee shop & food-to-go segments around the world. GCI provides a powerful and united industry voice, delivering deep insight, thought leadership, strategic guidance, and critical business intelligence.
Supported by World Coffee Portal’s 22-years’ industry expertise, GCI provides a platform for members to shape the future of the global industry and forge stronger business outcomes.
Whether tackling environmental issues, promoting ethical business, or embracing radical new technologies, it is essential that coffee businesses mobilise to address the issues that matter to will consumers both today and in the future. The industry must act together to confront risk and harness new opportunities if it is to remain profitable and sustainable for all stakeholders in years to come.
GCI membership benefits
GCI members benefit from World Coffee Portal’s unparalleled global reach, market intelligence, and international network of industry contacts.
GCI members will include key suppliers, major industry brands and 100+ leading coffee operators from around the world. These organisations will gain premium visibility and access to an influential industry network, and cutting-edge data, to stay in tune and support the industry’s growth.
GCI’s mission is to provide a voice for every corner of the global coffee industry in shaping a sustainable and profitable future. Together, businesses will share best practice, inform key policy, and generate new business opportunities across key areas including:

  • Vision leadership
  • Skills & career development
  • Climate change & sustainability
  • Technology advances
  • Supply chain & logistics
  • Fair, equal & best business practice
  • Business risk
  • Long-term Covid-19 impact

Leading brands can join the GCI at Foundation, Standard or Platinum membership. All members will receive support on how to maximise business opportunities and get the most out of their membership through our dedicated client services team.
For more information on the GCI and how to join the movement, contact:
Matthew Hill – mhill@allegra.co.uk

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