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Home coffee boom sees La Marzocco’s annual revenues rise 60%

Iconic espresso machine manufacturer expects 2021 revenues to exceed €210m despite ongoing Covid-19 supply chain challenges, largely thanks to the boom in home coffee brewing

La Marzocco's range of home espresso machines helped it navigate the Covid-19 crisis, the company has said | Photo credit: Nathan Dumloe 

La Marzocco has hailed a ‘record year’ with annual revenues expected to exceed €210m – a 60% increase on 2020 – despite the challenges of the pandemic and global supply chain issues. 
The Italian espresso machine manufacturer said it hired 90 additional staff in 2020 to deal with surging orders, with its coffee machines and grinders exported to more than 100 countries worldwide.
La Marzocco said it had secured ‘huge success’ in the at-home coffee market, with a new ranges of domestic espresso machines enabling consumers to replicate barista quality coffee normally associated with larger and more expensive models. Those sales had helped the La Marzocco navigate the Covid-19 crisis and grow sales, the company added.
The dynamic reflects comments made by La Marzocco CEO Guido Bernardinelli in March 2021. Speaking to 5THWAVE magazine, Bernardinelli outlined how the company had responded to consumers seeking to emulate the café experience at their homes during lockdowns.
“Subsequently, bean-to-cup machines are becoming more desirable than pod and capsule machines because consumers want their coffee a little fresher and are becoming more concerned about capsule waste,” Bernardinelli said.

The strong results echo the fortunes of fellow Italian coffee machine manufacurer, DeLonghi, which reported nine-month revenues of €2.15bn in November 2021 – 45% higher than compared to the same period in 2020.

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