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Berlin’s The Barn partners with Daterra to plant 40,000 trees in Brazil

German specialty coffee shop and Brazilian sustainable coffee producer team up to plant more than 40,000 native trees in Brazil over the next five years

The Barn Forest will be planted on 25 hectares of land on the Daterra Coffee Estate in Campinas | Photo credit: The Barn 

‘The Barn Forest’ will be planted on 25 hectares of land on the Daterra Coffee Estate in Campinas, Brazil. The plan will see 40,000 native trees planted over the next five years and forms part of Daterra’s Tree_llion Sustainability Project, which supports global efforts to plant one trillion trees by 2030 in the fight against the climate emergency.

“Working closely with coffee farmers on a personal level is an integral part of The Barn’s sourcing work,” said The Barn Founder, Ralf Rüller.
“The Barn Forest is the biggest and most ambitious sustainability project we have embarked upon so far. It will play a vital role in bringing together the coffee communities we work with and our customers to mitigate climate change,” he added.


Each hectare will contain approximately 1,500 trees. Customers can purchase a tree from The Barn for €1.5 ($1.8), with the coffee shop contributing the same amount towards planting and managing the project. Donated trees will be counted in October 2021, with the first planting season commencing November to February.

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