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Starbucks achieves pay equity among US employees

Coffee giant says it has attained 100 percent pay equity among its US employees

A Starbucks press statement that all genders and races performing similar work were paid on the same terms across its US operation.

“Roughly 10 years ago we began serious work to ensure women and men – of all ethnicities and races – are compensated fairly at Starbucks,” said Lucy Helm, chief partner officer at Starbucks. “This accomplishment is the result of years of work and commitment,” she added.

One of the ways the global coffee giant said it had closed the pay gap was by developing a digital salary calculator. Starbucks said this allowed analysis of pay increases and bonuses before they were awarded to ensure there was no bias in decision making. All US job candidates can also obtain pay information to boost transparency, the company confirmed. "One of the most important things to get right is starting pay," Bowen told reporters.

Hailing its achievement in the US, the global coffee giant said it aimed to achieve 100 percent pay equity across its global ‘partner’ workforce, including the U.K., France, Canada, Japan and China.

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