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The 10 most read World Coffee Portal features of 2023

World coffee Portal travelled far and wide in 2023 to bring you the latest in-depth data, analysis and thought leadership on the biggest issues shaping the global coffee industry. From iced coffee to digital-first coffee chains, emerging global markets and inspiring business stories, here are the 10 most read articles of the year

From iced coffee in the US to digital-first coffee chains, emerging markets and inspiring business stories – World coffee Portal travelled far and wide in 2023. 

1. Are US consumers giving hot coffee the cold shoulder?
World Coffee Portal’s most read article of 2023 explored booming cold and iced coffee sales in the US. With insights from Peter Giuliano, Executive Director at The Coffee Science Foundation and Chief Research Officer at the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA), alongside data from Project Café USA 2024, we examined why this fast-growing category is now outpacing hot beverages, particularly among younger consumers. / Continue reading
2. Growing up fast: The new generation of tech-led coffee chains
App-based transactions, automation and convenience – Isabelle Mani’s fascinating exploration of the digital-forward business models propelling a new generation of coffee chains to global success proved highly popular with World Coffee Portal readers in 2023. / Continue reading
3. “We have arrived at a refined operating model” – Tim Hortons UK & Ireland Chief Commercial Officer, Kevin Hydes
In November, Tim Hortons UK & Ireland Chief Commercial Officer Kevin Hydes shared insights into the iconic Canadian coffee chain’s UK strategy, including how a new franchise model and focus on drive-thru outlets propelled the business to new heights in 2023. / Continue reading

The UK branded coffee shop market achieved 11.9% sales growth in 2022, expanding 4.4% to reach 9,885 outlets | Photo credit: Julia Sabiniarz

4. 5 factors shaping UK coffee chains in 2023
In March, World Coffee Portal delved into the vital statistics behind the post-Covid recovery of Europe’s largest branded coffee shop market. UK operators proved highly resilient in the face of soaring energy costs, inflation and changed consumer footfall in 2023 – stay tuned for our latest market data and analysis with the upcoming launch of Project Café UK 2024 in mid-January. 
/ Continue reading
5. The rising market for premium and specialty coffee at home
Whether brewing with capsules, filter equipment or high-end espresso machines, more consumers than ever before are crafting premium and specialty coffee at home. In July, World Coffee Portal spoke to leading figures from across the global coffee industry to find out what sparked the home barista revolution – and how it could impact the business of coffee. / Continue reading

A Barn’s drive-thru outlet in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia | Photo credit: Barn’s

6. Inside Saudi Arabia’s coffee shop boom
World Coffee Portal kicked off 2023 with a deep-dive exploration of Saudi Arabia’s booming coffee shop markets, where centuries-old traditions and one of the largest state-backed economic programmes on the planet mean coffee is fast becoming the kingdom’s new black gold.

/ Continue Reading
7. Global coffee shop trends to watch in 2023
In January 2023 World Coffee Portal read the coffee grounds to consider the most significant trends, market dynamics and business developments facing coffee shop markets around the world. From the cost-of-living to convenience and iced beverages – how did our predictions stack up against your experiences over the last 12 months? / Continue reading
8. Major European coffee shop markets in focus
In July, World Coffee Portal turned its attention to the German, French, Scandinavian, Italian and Irish branded coffee shop markets to provide an in-depth analysis of the evolving consumer preferences and industry developments shaping these major hubs of European café culture. 
/ Continue reading

Bubble tea has significant potential in the UK branded coffee shop market, with a fifth of UK consumers surveyed making a purchase in 2023 | Photo credit: via Shutterstock 

9. Unlocking the potential of tea, iced beverages and food in coffee shops  

Drawing from more than 6,000 UK consumer surveys, this World Coffee Portal article examined how coffee operators can unlock new business from these opportune – yet often tricky to execute – complementary menu ranges. / Continue reading
10. Q&A: Caffè Nero CEO and Founder, Gerry Ford
In this exclusive World Coffee Portal interview, Caffè Nero Founder and CEO Gerry Ford discussed how the renowned UK coffee shop group successfully navigated through the challenges of the pandemic and why maintaining an independent, quality driven ethos will always be at the heart of the business’ strategy. / Continue reading

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