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Dualit: the holistic coffee solution for specialty roasters and premium grocers

Since making its first foray into coffee back in 1990, Dualit has been guided by a passion for innovation and an unwavering commitment to sustainability. Today, the UK-based equipment specialist is enabling independent specialty coffee roasters and premium grocers to reach larger audiences than ever before with an exceptional range of brewing equipment to complement their private label single serve coffee offers

Dualit supplies a range of home compostable capsule options for coffee roasters | Photo credit: Dualit

Independent coffee businesses have thrived in recent years by creating unique and exceptional experiences for their customers. However, in today’s competitive market it is vital these brands find innovative ways to increase online and instore average order value (AOV) to maximise marketing campaign returns.
Pay-per-click advertising is a popular way for coffee brands to increase web traffic, but with bidding on keywords such as ‘compostable coffee capsules’ and ‘coffee pods’ sometimes costing upwards of £4 per click and potentially wiping out margin, there is a clear need to offer more than just consumable coffee.
Complementing an exceptional coffee offer with a range of high-value brewing equipment is a powerful strategy to achieve higher AOV and increase customer satisfaction. In fact, Dualit has more than doubled its coffee-related AOV by listing high-value electrical items alongside its packaged coffee ranges.
This remarkable result demonstrates the immense potential of leveraging selective merchandising to elevate independent coffee brands to new heights. Complementary products, such as espresso, bean-to-cup and 3-in-1 machines, coffee grinders, pour-over kettles, milk frothers, barista kits, cups, travel mugs and other smart devices for brewing precision, all enhance customer experience and provide added value.

“With the help of Dualit we are really excited to see sales continue to increase”
– Guy Spurr, Managing Director, Cast Iron Coffee Roasters

Dualit is renowned for its 78-year heritage in manufacturing premium small appliances that are built to last. Today, customers opting to carry Dualit SDA coffee-making products alongside their private label consumables are benefiting from Dualit’s three decades-plus experience of innovation in these fields.
“We know that everyone likes their coffee differently, so we made it our mission to roast the best coffee possible that’s bursting with flavour whichever way you brew it – and that includes via convenient coffee pods and single serve coffee bags thanks to Dualit,” says Alex Trasmundi, Roastery Manager at Bean Coffee, a specialty coffee roaster based in Liverpool, UK.
“We are such believers in the Dualit brand that we also stock and use its coffee machines and accessories and are looking forward to moving across to its brand-new Home Compostable Capsule format very soon,” Trasmundi adds.
This approach not only increases AOV but also deepens customer loyalty and engagement to generate long-term brand affinity.
“From the first time we visited Dualit’s roastery in Sussex we were sold, and within a month they were supplying us with compostable capsules filled with our small batch roasted, responsibly sourced coffee,” says Dave Dickinson, Founder of Ground Coffee Society, a London-based specialty roaster and café.
Ground Coffee Society was founded on a passion to see great coffee in the hands of everyone, and by introducing a capsules range was able to tap into larger audiences than ever before, including with prominent corporate clients such as McLaren Formula One and Wimbledon Tennis.
With sustainability and responsible sourcing increasingly top of mind for consumers, Dualit’s commitment to delivering quality coffee in recyclable packaging with minimal waste is chiming with progressive independent coffee businesses across the UK. Today, Dualit offers a range of plastic-free home compostable coffee packaging and pods alongside an infinitely recyclable aluminium Nespresso® compatible pod range.
“Working with a British brand like Dualit, which also focuses heavily on the sustainable packaging, makes us feel really positive about our offering. Five years on and our relationship continues to flourish, and we are working with Dualit to further extend our coffee portfolio,” Dickinson adds.
Chichester-based Cast Iron Coffee Roasters is another specialty coffee roaster partnering with Dualit to establish lucrative new product channels while maintaining a laser-focus on quality and reducing its environmental impact.
“We focus on producing the best quality speciality coffee possible, and with Dualit manufacturing infinitely recyclable aluminium coffee capsules it meant we could work together to create our own branded versions with our signature blend,” says Cast Iron Roasters Managing Director Guy Spurr.
“Since we launched our capsules at the end of 2022, we are already looking to extend our coffee portfolio with the help of Dualit and are really excited to see the sales continue to increase,” adds Spurr.

Find out how your coffee business can benefit from Dualit’s full range of coffee equipment and private label solutions at dualit.com/privatelabel

* Nespresso® trademark is owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.
** Suitable for Nespresso® drop through capsule machines, excluding professional machines and ‘built-in’ models.
*** Vertuo is a brand owned by Société des Produits Nestlé S.A.

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