Global Research Overview 2024

Global Research Overview 2024 is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s annual assessment of the branded coffee shop market from a worldwide perspective

While individual Allegra World Coffee Portal regional and national reports look in-depth into the key market dynamics of the coffee shop market, only the Global Research Overview takes one step back to consider the findings from an entire year of industry and consumer research, comparing and contrasting data to fully understand the formation and continued development of global trends


The Allegra Specialist Report series focuses on core aspects of interest not covered in Project Café or Topic Report series. Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks looks at consumer preferences and behaviours when it comes to tea, iced and food categories in coffee shops, while the Global Research Overview takes a holistic approach to analysing the global coffee shop industry


Global Research Overview 2024 summarises Allegra’s global research findings to help existing multi-nationals, and ambitious solo operators, better understand the context of their performance. This unique report builds on the data collated through Allegra World Coffee Portal Research over the calendar year, to fully assess where and why brands are succeeding or failing


Global Research Overview 2024 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the divergent demands of the worldwide coffee shop market, facilitating better informed business decisions

Available 11 December 2023

Global Research Overview 2024 key features:
  • Interpreting industry insight from across the UK, USA, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia, Canada, Mexico and China; the result of over 1,000 consultations with industry insiders, including over 300 in-depth interviews
  • Analysis and comparison of consumer survey data across the UK, USA, Ireland, Italy, Scandinavia and China, featuring responses from over 64,000 coffee shop users
  • Identification of the key players, big achievers, ones to watch and operators enduring tough trading across the UK, US, Europe, North America and East Asia​

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