Coffee At Home UK 2023

UK coffee culture has evolved over the last twenty years predominantly due to the growth of the out-of-home coffee segment, but this changing appreciation of coffee has had ramifications for at-home consumption too. Growth was accelerated by the unique circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, but as we seek a return to normality, how will that effect the industry?


Allegra World Coffee Portal topical reports look beyond the branded coffee chain market and analyse in-depth different components of the wider coffee industry. Previously topical reports include studies of roasteries, automation, independent cafés, and the future of coffee


In publication since 1999, Allegra World Coffee Portal reports continue to help industry stakeholders understand the social and economic contributions of the industry and navigate changing market dynamics


With in-depth consumer research, industry consultations, and analysis of key market topics, the report unpacks key opportunities and potential future barriers to growth


Coffee At Home UK 2023 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the unique demands of this market, facilitating better informed business decisions

Available 15 May 2023

  • Focus on the UK consumption of coffee-at home, ranging from purchase of high end home espresso machines through to instant coffee consumption  
  • Over 100 online surveys, consultations and in-depth interviews with leading industry insiders, decision makers and key staff
  • Over 2,000 online surveys with UK at-home coffee consumers
  • Market sizing for the UK at-home coffee machine market, tracking five year growth and future projections
  • Estimate of the size of the global at-home coffee machine market, assessing the UKs size and influence in context
  • Key profiles for the major equipment manufacturers operating in the UK market

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