The Future of Coffee

The Future of Coffee report will assess and quantify the growing UK speciality coffee segment, and explain how third wave and emerging ‘fourth wave’ coffee developments are changing the UK coffee sector.

Key areas covered in the report include

  • Definition of speciality coffee and background in the UK
  • Quantification of the speciality coffee segment within the wider coffee market
  • Third wave coffee and its impact
  • Emerging ‘fourth wave’: the science of coffee
  • Product and service innovation
  • Independent coffee shops vs branded chains and the rise of the ‘artisan mini-chain’
  • Future channels to market including workplaces and non-specialist outlets
  • Influence of speciality coffee on the wider foodservice and retail market


  • In-depth interviews with 60+ coffee shop owners, roasters, suppliers and other industry influencers including prominent baristas and coffee training schools
  • Consumer insight with 1,500+ consumers
  • Extensive desk research
  • Data mined from Allegra Project Café reports

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