Project Café UK 2022

Project Café UK 2022 is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s definitive annual analysis on the UK’s dynamic branded coffee shop market.


Following a sustained two decades long period of growth, this established segment has become intrinsic to UK lifestyle but is facing increasing challenges from a changing retail environment, economic realities and external pressures.


In publication for over 20 years, the Project Café UK report series continues to help industry stakeholders understand the social and economic contributions of the industry and navigate the changing market dynamics.


Project Café UK 2022 identifies the growth, size and value of the branded coffee shop market and provides a strategic examination of the current trading environment.  With in-depth consumer research and operator consultations, the report unpacks major trends, key opportunities and potential barriers to growth.


Project Café UK 2022 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the unique demands of this market, facilitating better informed business decisions.

Project Café UK 2022 © Allegra World Coffee Portal
Published 17th January 2022
391 pages


  • 150+ in-depth interviews, surveys and consultations with industry leaders in the UK, including CEOs and Managing Directors of major coffee chains and suppliers, as well as other key stakeholders and industry participants
  • 50,000+ online surveys with UK consumers, conducted via the Allegra Insights online survey platform
  • Field research including site visits, data gathering and pricing analysis of beverages
  • Desk research across company websites, published accounts, industry associations, trade press and news articles

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