Project Café Middle East 2019

Project Café Middle East 2019 is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s definitive, groundbreaking study on the emerging branded coffee shop market in the Middle East.

Our unique research methodology enables industry stakeholders and investors to understand the business, social and economic contributions of the branded coffee shop market across 12 key Middle Eastern countries, including deep dives into Iran, Saudi Arabia and UAE.

The analysis is based on Allegra’s unparalleled insight and knowledge of key industry stakeholders, creating the most accurate information source on the Middle Eastern coffee shop market.

Key Areas Covered:

  • Branded coffee-focused and food-focused chain developments in each Middle Eastern country
  • Key success factors, drivers and inhibitors of growth for operators
  • Major player profiles, including financial performance, pricing analysis and forecasts
  • Comparison of coffee beverage prices across the Middle East
  • Opportunities and challenges for suppliers
  • Insight into non-specialist sectors including hotels, retail stores, QSR and gas stations



  • Industry research comprising over 100 consultations with industry insiders, decision makers and key staff, including over 70 in-depth interviews
  • Over 200 surveys with industry insiders, decision makers and key staff
  • Field research including site visits, data gathering and pricing analysis
  • Desk research across company websites, published accounts, industry associations, trade press and news articles
  • Focus on the major branded coffee shop chains including: Costa Coffee, Starbucks Coffee Company, Tim Hortons, Dunkin’ Donuts, and Second Cup

Project Café Middle East 2019 is now available for purchase from World Coffee Portal.

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