Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks UK 2021

With so much competition in the market, how can coffee shops successfully distinguish themselves? A strong coffee offer is core to the concept, but having a vibrant and alluring tea, iced beverage and food offer can take operators to the next level.


Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks UK 2021 is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s consumer led analysis of the UK’s out-of-home tea, iced beverage and food segments.


Benefiting from Allegra’s 20+ years of in-depth research and knowledge of the market, the report helps industry stakeholders and investors understand the opportunities and challenges within this evolving segment.


This unique report is devoted to consumer research, and features over 300 pages of research and analysis, interpreting the responses to identifying key success factors, major trends and future opportunities regarding tea, iced beverages and food items.


Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks UK 2021 will help your organisation tailor its approach to the unique demands of this segment, facilitating better informed business decisions.

Cakes, Shakes & Tea Breaks UK 2021 © Allegra WCP
Published 19th August 2021
374 pages


  • 6,000+ online surveys with UK consumers, conducted via the Allegra Insights online survey platform, split between three components of the study
  • Historical comparisons against consumer survey data featured in previous Project Tea, Project Iced and Project Food reports
  • Written interpretation and analysis of the consumer survey findings, utilising Allegra World Coffee Portal’s 20+ years of experience in the field
  • Additional context provided by desk research across company websites, published accounts, industry associations, trade press and news articleses

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