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Project Iced2014 UK

Project Iced UK is Allegra’s definitive study on the growing iced beverage and blended beverage market.

Project Iced UK helps industry stakeholders and investors understand the importance of iced beverages to a varied menu in coffee shops and establish a business strategy.

Key Areas Covered

  • Market size and growth projections for the total UK market
  • Key success factors and market trends
  • Key player profiles, including pricing analysis
  • Opportunities and challenges for suppliers and operators
  • Consumer consumption patterns
  • Consumer attitudes towards iced and iced blended beverages
  • Consumer brand awareness
  • Differences between customer demographics, including age, gender, occupation and location


Date of Publication

August 2014

Source of Information

  • In-depth interviews with industry leaders, including CEOs and Managing Directors of the major coffee chains, key suppliers, industry associations and other industry participants
  • 1,020 online surveys with UK consumers
  • Desk research including trade press, company financials and online data sources
  • Focus on the major branded coffee shop chains including: Costa Coffee, Starbucks Coffee Company, Caffè Nero, Pret A Manger and EAT.

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