Project Café South East Asia 2016

Project Café South East Asia is Allegra World Coffee Portal’s definitive, ground-breaking study on the highly dynamic South East Asian branded coffee shop market.
Drawing on more than 18 years of in-depth research, Project Café reports are widely regarded as ‘the Bible’ of the coffee sector, providing the most accurate information on the South East Asian coffee shop market.
Project Café South East Asia will help industry stakeholders and investors to deeply understand the business, social and economic contributions of the branded coffee shop market in 9 key South East Asian countries: China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam.


  • More than 80 interviews with industry leaders, including CEOs and
    Managing Directors of the major coffee chains, key suppliers, industry associations and other industry participants
  • Extensive desk research including trade press, company financials and online data sources
  • Focus on the major branded coffee shop chains including: Costa Coffee, Starbucks Coffee Company, McCafé, Café Bene and Pacific Coffee Company

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