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Elaine Swift appointed new Out-of-Home Director at UCC Coffee Europe

Swift, who previously held the role of Managing Director of UCC Coffee UK & Ireland, will lead the expansion of the coffee roaster and service provider’s out-of-home operations in Europe

UCC Europe's OOH division contributed 41% of its sales in 2021, achieving revenues of €186m | Photo credit: UCC Coffee


Elaine Swift has been announced as UCC Coffee Europe’s new Out-of-Home Director, responsible for the strategic management of the company’s out-of-home (OOH) business unit. 

She will also lead on the development of new markets and business opportunities across Europe. 

Swift previously served as Managing Director of UCC Coffee UK & Ireland and was appointed Regional Director for Northern Europe in April 2019, which saw her take responsibility for UCC’s Northern European territories including Benelux and the Nordics, alongside its UK & Ireland businesses. 

She is credited as a key contributor to the success of UCC’s Total Coffee Solution, which involves sourcing and roasting coffee, providing equipment and product maintenance, and producing insight and data. 

UCC’s coffee brands include Ueshima, Smit & Dorlas, Templo Cafe, Lyons, Grand Café and Orang Utan Coffee. 

Formed in 2012 following UCC’s acquisition of United Coffee, UCC Europe includes local business structures across three distinct regions: North (UK, Ireland, Benelux and the Nordics), Central (Switzerland, Austria and Germany) and South (Spain, Portugal, Italy and France). 

UCC Europe also operates an export business, supplying major markets in Eastern Europe, Asia, Africa and the Middle East. 

UCC Europe is a subsidiary of Japan’s UCC Holdings Co. and reported an annual turnover of €449m ($482m) in 2021. The company’s OOH division contributed 41% of sales, achieving revenues of €186m ($199m). 

Ueshima Coffee Company (UCC) was founded in Kobe, Japan, in 1933 and is now one of the largest coffee roasters and service providers in the world, generating £2.5bn in annual sales in 2021. 

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