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PCSC upgrades coffee machines across 720 7-Eleven stores in Taiwan

China’s largest convenience store operator is responding to increasing demand for premium coffee across Taiwan and expects its specialty coffee sales to increase 30% this year

President Chain Store Corp operates 6,683 7-Eleven outlets across Taiwan | Photo credit: Duy Nguyen


President Chain Store Corp (PCSC), China’s largest convenience store operator, has announced it will introduce new automated coffee machines across 720 of its 7-Eleven stores. 

The company, which operates 6,683 7-Eleven outlets across Taiwan, said the machine upgrades will boost coffee sales and enhance its operational efficiency.  

A press release for PCSC said the move is in response to increased coffee consumption across the region and heightened customer preference for premium coffee and customisable beverages. 

The Taipei-based business said sales of its City Prima specialty coffee grew by more than 40% in January 2023 alone, with PCSC expecting sales of specialty coffee to increase 30% this year. 

Additionally, the new machines offer two ‘milk’ options, including Oatly’s barista edition oatmilk. 

Increased consumer demand for specialty coffee prompted Japanese convenience store chain FamilyMart to launch its Let’s Café Plus concept across Taiwan. 

Located in Taipei's Zhongshan-Shuanglian shopping district, the store is a joint venture between FamilyMart’s Taiwanese business and Japan-based UCC Ueshima Coffee Co.   

World Coffee Portal research forecasts the Taiwanese branded coffee shop market will reach 3,190 outlets by 2025.   

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