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Café Britt holding company changes name to Grupo Arribada

The Curaçao-based holding company formerly known as Grupo Britt says it’s new name reflects the group’s strategy to better synchronise its coffee roasting, café, restaurant and gourmet ingredients businesses across South America and the Caribbean

A Britt café and bakery at Juan Santamaría International Airport in San José, Costa Rica | Photo credit: Morpho Travel Experience

Grupo Britt has changed its name to Group Arribada as the coffee, café, restaurant and gourmet ingredients seeks to generate greater synergies across its businesses in South America and the Caribbean. 
The holding company comprises Morpho Travel Experience, a travel foodservice operator with 230 outlets across South America, premium coffee roaster Café Britt, gourmet food importer Delika and café and restaurant operator Conceptos Gastronómicos.
Arribada” is a Spanish word meaning arrival by sea, and also refers to the synchronised, large-scale nesting of some species of sea turtle,” said Pablo Vargas, Executive Chairman of Grupo Arribada.
“We, as a team and group of companies, want to be like that. Such teamwork and focus are especially important when a business goes through the type of accelerated growth our subsidiaries are experiencing this year,” Vargas added.
Founded in 1985, Grupo Arribada achieved combined group revenues of $225m in 2022, approximately 26% above pre-pandemic revenues. The holding company has direct investments in 13 Latin American and Caribbean countries; Curaçao, Costa Rica, Chile, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Ecuador, Uruguay, Panama, the United States of America, New Caledonia, and Antigua and Barbuda.

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