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Nestlé to launch its first instant coffee for iced beverages

The Swiss food and beverage giant will debut its Nescafé Ice Roast instant coffee in China this month amid rising demand for at-home ‘café-style cold coffee experiences’

Nescafé Ice Roast will initially debut in China ahead of being launched in Mexico | Photo credit: Nestlé


Nestlé is set to launch its first instant coffee designed for iced beverages in response to increasing demand for cold coffee at-home.  

The Swiss food and beverage giant said the Nescafé Ice Roast product will initially debut in China ahead of being launched in Mexico. 

In a press release Nestlé said “15% of coffee in the world is drunk cold”, with iced coffee consumption led by rising desire among Generation Z consumers to ‘recreate café-style cold coffee experiences’ at home.  

Instant coffee currently comprises more than 60% of coffee consumption in China, according to Beijing-based news agency CGTN. 

“Cold coffee is hot, with a new generation of coffee drinkers entering the category through cold. We're really excited by this launch, because Ice Roast gives them the opportunity to enjoy an even better cup of cold coffee at home and recreate their favourite drinks,” said Donald Howat, Global Category Lead for Nescafé. 

The announcement follows the recent launches of Nescafé Black Roast, dubbed Nestlé's ‘most intense coffee’, and Nescafé Roastery Collection, a super-premium soluble coffee.  

The Nescafé Ice Roast launch also follows the launch of Blue Bottle Coffee’s Craft Instant Espresso in October 2022. 

The specialty instant coffee product was developed by Nestlé to replicate Blue Bottle Coffee’s iced latte for an at-home audience. Nestlé purchased a majority stake in the California-based boutique café group for a reported $425m in 2017.   

In February 2023, Nestlé reported 3.4% sales growth in China for the 12 months ended 31 December 2022, with revenues in the country reaching CHF 5.4bn ($6bn). The Swiss food and beverage giant’s group sales grew 8.4% to reach CHF 94.4bn ($102.2bn)

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