In other coffee business news… 26 August-1 September 2022

Warner Bros. gets acquainted with the business of coffee, Blue Bottle releases a once in a blue moon coffee range and 7-Eleven rolls out automated coffee delivery 

The first brick-and-mortar location of iconic Friends coffee shop Central Perk is set to open in 2023 | Photo credit: Warner Bros.


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Warner Bros. makes Friends with Central Perk café launch 


The first brick-and-mortar location of iconic Friends coffee shop Central Perk is set to open in 2023. Entertainment giant Warner Bros. said the Central Perk Coffeehouse ‘will be a place for fans (and friends) to slow down and come together over great coffee’. Several stores are planned to open around the US, although locations and launch dates are yet to be shared. Warner Bros. is also launching Central Perk retail packaged coffee in the US via a new customisable coffee subscription. Three blends, named after famous quotes from the NBC sitcom, will be available as either ground or wholebean packages, or as K-Cup compostable single serve pods. 


Blue Bottle has a rare old time with latest limited edition coffee 


Blue Bottle Coffee has released a new coffee in its Exceedingly Rare range that is reported as being one of the most limited-edition coffees in the US. According to California-based Blue Bottle, there are only 850 tins of the Colombia Mauricio Shattah Wush Wush coffee being sold in the US, at $75 each. The Exceedingly Rare range was created by the California-based boutique café group to highlight innovation in specialty coffee. The products, processed in limited quantities, often showcase coffee derived from a new region, produced in an experimental process or from a rare variety, and stocks disappear quickly. 

7-Eleven pilots automated coffee cart delivery system 


International convenience chain 7-Eleven is working with food conglomerate Uni-President Enterprises Corporation to explore automated cart delivery of coffee and food to offices in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. An agreement has been signed with the Industrial Technology Research Institute to work with the Autonomous Mobile Robot Alliance on the cart delivery system. The 7-Eleven convenience store will act as an operations centre for the automated carts, which can operate indoors and outdoors, and ride elevators by themselves to deliver coffee and food to office workers. 

Japanese coffee-flavoured jam the toast of the town 


Japanese dairy company Megmilk Snow Brand Co. has launched a spreadable coffee-flavoured jam. The Yukijirushi Coffee Soft product is being launched to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company’s milk coffee brand Yukijirushi Coffee. The product, which is promoted as being the ideal accompaniment to toast and pancakes, will be available from select Japanese retailers between September 2022 and February 2023. 

US coffee chains get top marks with free beverages for teachers  

US drive-thru coffee chains Scooter’s Coffee and Ziggi’s Coffee are celebrating teachers across the country with a free in-store coffee offer on 7 September 2022. As part of Scooter’s Coffee’s Teacher Appreciation Day, the Nebraska-based chain is encouraging teachers to show their school ID at participating locations ahead of the new school year to receive a free beverage. Colorado-based Ziggi’s Coffee is promoting a Back-to-School Discount Day on the same day for all educators and school district employees. Dunkin’ is operating a free coffee offer for teachers on 1 September. 

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