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Colombia’s The Green Coffee Company launches $100m funding round

The coffee farm group, which is hoping to become the world's largest producer of arabica coffee, will use the prospective funding for further farm acquisitions and to accelerate its US coffee roasting operations

The Green Coffee Company currently operates 4,700 acres across 14 coffee farms in Colombia | Photo credit: The Legacy Group

The Green Coffee Company (GCC) has launched its $100m Series C funding round to grow its Colombian operations and build a US-based coffee roasting operation to expand its value chain.

GCC, headquartered in the US with operations based in Medellin, Colombia, attained $9.6m series B funding in December 2021.

The coffee farm group, which is targeting $25m in equity financing and $75m in debt funding, said the investment would primarily enable it to further expand its Colombian operations.

In July 2022 GCC announced the acquisition of an additional 1,389 acres of coffee farmland, making the company Colombia’s largest coffee producer. It currently operates 4,700 acres across 14 coffee farms.

Additionally, the Series C funding is expected to boost the company’s planned US-based coffee roasting operations and progress its intention to launch an alcoholic beverage range, distilled from coffee cherries and other coffee by-products.

"This funding round will push us further towards our goal of becoming the world's largest arabica-coffee producer. Through the buildout of our roasting facility and the monetisation of coffee byproducts, we will be able to fully vertically-integrate additional lines of business from roasted coffee to business-to-consumer alcohol products. We intend on continuing to be leaders of innovation in the coffee industry in Colombia and throughout the world," said Cole Shephard, Founder, GCC.

GCC is part of The Legacy Group, an alternative asset manager that targets profitable investment opportunities with high social and environmental impact in Latin America.

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