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Ally Coffee to expand operations to Oceania and Asia

Green coffee trader Ally Coffee is set to expand its network of green coffee warehouses to Oceania & Asia, adding a new office in Australia later this year, its first in the region

The new office will be led by Tercio Borba, Ally Coffee’s Sales Manager for Oceania & Asia | Photo credit: Ally Coffee


Ally Coffee is opening a new office in Melbourne, Australia, as part of plans to expand its global sales network and logistics operations to the Oceania & Asia region. 

The US-based green coffee trader said that a location for the Melbourne office is yet to be finalised but it will incorporate sales, customer service, logistics and quality control support for the region.  

The new office will be led by Tercio Borba, Ally Coffee’s Sales Manager for Oceania & Asia. 

Ally Coffee also said that warehouses are slated in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore, enabling the business to better connect with the coffee industry throughout the Oceania & Asia markets. 

“We always wanted to reach the Oceania market and had plans to go there in 2020, but because of Covid-19 we had to put the idea on hold. We always saw this market as a place we wanted to go to and are looking forward to the opportunity this represents,” said Ricardo Pereira, Chief Operating Officer, Ally Coffee.  

Ally Coffee is a green coffee company which promotes itself as connecting roasters with specialty coffees sourced through sustainable partnerships. It currently has offices and representatives located in the US, Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Germany, UK and the Middle East. 

Alongside coffee exporters Atlantica Coffee and Cafebras, Ally Coffee forms part of Brazil-based holding company the Montesanto Tavares Group.

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