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KeepCup launches first fully sealed cup as sustainable product demand soars

With consumers embracing reusable coffee cups as never before, KeepCup is enabling café operators to reduce single-use waste with Helix, the first fully sealed, twist fit cup in its range and a gamechanger for the growing number of customers seeking convenient and waste-free coffee on-the-go

KeepCup Helix, a new twist on reuse | Photo credit: KeepCup


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The meteoric rise of reusable cups took a downturn during the pandemic. But as consumer demand for sustainable products surges, KeepCup is once again helping coffee shops embrace reuse and inspire positive change.
KeepCup saw the tide turning back in favour of reuse at the end of 2021 when its Reuser Survey revealed that 60% of its customers were using their KeepCups more than three times a week – up from 21% the previous year.
This reflects the latest attitudes among UK consumers with 64% limiting their use of single-use plastic over the last year, and 52% valuing durability over recyclability (23%)1
KeepCup is responding to this trend with the launch of Helix, the first fully sealed cup in its range and the foundation of its cup-to-bottle Helix system.
Designed to make it easier for customers to reuse throughout the day, Helix has a twist-fit lid that can be switched for a bottle lid, turning the cup into a bottle – allowing customers to travel light while on the go.
KeepCup has worked closely with the coffee industry since 2009, helping roasters like Notes, which has been using KeepCup for more than ten years, meet their sustainability goals:
“There were always regulars who brought their favourite mug to be filled up at Notes, and we wanted to be able to offer that real-cup experience in a convenient take-away format. KeepCup were the earliest to offer barista-standard cups with well-fitting lids – all the convenience of take-away with the pleasure of your own cup, and eliminating waste,” says Co-Founder Robert Robinson.

KeepCup Helix is a modular, multi-material cup-to-bottle system | Photo credit: KeepCup

Building a community of changemakers
Designed for the daily coffee run, all KeepCup products are made from high quality, durable materials, with the latest addition to the range, KeepCup Helix, available in double-walled, insulated stainless steel and lightweight, BPS and BPA-free plastic. KeepCup also offers branding on its cups to help strengthen café communities and customers’ resolve to reuse.

“Some of our customers proudly have our OG Dear Green branded cup with our original logo (circa 2014) which is wonderful as it proves that reuse and circularity is truly and proudly in practice within our customer base!” says Lisa Lawson, Founder of Dear Green Coffee Roasters
Encouraging reuse is a simple way to reduce environmental impact – something that can be easily measured through KeepCup’s Impact Calculator. But it is just the start of the sustainability journey for many cafes and roasters.

KeepCup was one of the founding B Corps in Australia in 2014. The certification process is being explored by businesses across the coffee industry as a signal to consumers of their wider commitments to people and planet.

“Recently switching to fully compostable packaging across the company has gone hand in hand with the KeepCups we sell. We’ve recently also become interested in B-Corp status so therefore using KeepCup’s Impact Calculator will help us to apply and complete the required criteria,” says Oliver Wilkins, Roastery Manager, The Missing Bean.

About KeepCup
Launched in 2009, KeepCup has revolutionised the way consumers drink their takeaway espresso, by introducing the world’s first barista standard reusable cup. KeepCup is now sold in 75 countries, with reusers helping divert millions of disposables from landfill every year.

As a founding B Corporation member, ‘Best for the World’ winner in the environment category and member of 1% for the Planet, KeepCup is committed to making a positive impact for the community, and the environment.
KeepCup collaborates with partners around the world who want to stock KeepCup to resell, order in high volumes or customise for their business, working together towards a world that no longer wants, needs, or uses single-use products. 

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