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Botrista raises $55m and appoints Chief Strategy Officer

Botrista Technology reaches $55m total investment as the California-based technology company appoints a Chief Strategy Officer ahead of its upcoming ‘rapid growth phase’

Botrista is now operational in coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants and hospitals across 26 US states | Photo credit: Botrista

Botrista Technology has closed its Series B funding round and appointed Jason Valentine to its leadership team in the role of Chief Strategy Officer.

The California-based company has now raised $55m since launching its DrinkBot automated beverage concept in 2021, having previously secured $10m investment to scale the business across the US in July last year.

DrinkBot’s automated premium beverage concept aids hospitality businesses in capitalising on additional product sales, including iced coffee, lattes, infused teas and soft beverages, without the need to invest in additional skilled staff or a full bar capability.

Botrista is now operational in coffee shops, convenience stores, restaurants and hospitals across 26 US states and is entering a ‘rapid growth phase’. Botrista has also expanded to Canada, Australia and Asia.

Jason Valentine joins Botrista as Chief Strategy Officer having served as President of the soup restaurant chain Zoup! Eatery since January 2018. He also worked for fast-food sandwich chain Cousins Subs as Vice President of Operations between 2013-2018.

Botrista CEO Sean Hsu said Valentine would add executive level restaurant experience to the ‘technologically savvy and diverse’ Botrista leadership team.

"We are entering a rapid growth phase and we are strategically investing in new talent that can add value in a unique way. From the beginning, I have prioritised partnering with top cross-industries talent and building a quality team. We currently employ almost 100 people, and each individual contributes in a meaningful way. We are excited about the progress we've accomplished in 2022 but we are just getting started in revolutionising the industry," said Hsu.

Botrista states that its DrinkBot can hold enough ingredients for 300 servings and produce up to 120 drinks per hour.

Companies using the technology include New York-based restaurant chain The Halal Guys and Filipino bakery concept Goldilocks.

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