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Blue Bottle Coffee launches specialty instant espresso for at-home iced lattes

Blue Bottle Coffee says its Nestlé-developed Craft Instant Espresso will appeal to a growing number of at-home coffee consumers seeking specialty beverages without time-consuming brewing methods

Blue Bottle Coffee believes the instant coffee market will keep growing as US consumers continue to work from home | Photo credit: Blue Bottle Coffee


Blue Bottle Coffee has launched a new instant coffee product in the US as it seeks to make its specialty coffee more convenient and accessible for consumers. 

The California-based boutique café group said that its Craft Instant Espresso removes the need for expensive coffee machines and time-consuming brewing methods. 

Blue Bottle Coffee believes the instant coffee market will keep growing as US consumers continue to work from home or favour flexible working patterns.  

Following $30m Series B funding in October 2021, US frozen coffee capsule brand Cometeer has added several new specialty roasters to its subscription package. London-based Square Mile Coffee joined the offer in June 2022.   

In July 2022, Keurig Dr Pepper-owned Intelligentsia Coffee also sought to harness growing demand for specialty coffee in the US by launching Intelligentsia in K-Cup pods for its Keurig brewing system. 

Blue Bottle Coffee said the instant espresso was initially designed to replicate the company’s iced latte, one of the brand's most popular café beverages, for an at-home audience. 

The coffee was developed in Nestlé’s research and development facilities in Ohio, US, and Switzerland. Nestlé purchased a majority stake in Blue Bottle Coffee for a reported $425m in 2017. Blue Bottle Coffee said there are no plans currently to sell Craft Instant Espresso at stores alongside Nescafé products. 

"We were never sure we'd crack the code on instant anything at Blue Bottle Coffee, but through curiosity, imagination and tireless effort, we've crafted a product that meets our high standards. Our Craft Instant Espresso is the result of three years of dedication to craftsmanship, quality and the unwavering commitment to help lead the future of specialty coffee," said Karl Strovink, CEO, Blue Bottle Coffee. 

The Craft Instant Espresso will be available online or at Blue Bottle Coffee’s 75 US cafés in both jar and single-serve sachet formats. 

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