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Olam Specialty Coffee rebrands to Covoya

The UK and US-based green coffee trading company has changed its name to a portmanteau of the words ‘collaboration’ and ‘voyage’, which it states are its core values

Covoya imports specialty green coffee from over 30 countries | Photo credit: Rodrigo Flores


Olam Specialty Coffee has rebranded to Covoya to better represent the relationships, collaborative journeys and shared stories of the business. 

The company, which seeks to generate a sustainable future throughout the global coffee supply chain, said the process was less of a rebranding and more a ‘reconnecting with core values’. 

“Covoya combines the idea of collaboration, which is the cornerstone of our business, and voyage, which speaks not only to the story behind every cup of coffee, but coffee journeys of every kind. Coffee is always a collaborative voyage,” said Rob Stephen, Managing Director, Covoya Specialty Coffee in the US. 

Formed in 2013, the company imports specialty green coffee from over 30 countries. Covoya has offices in both the UK and the US. 

Covoya’s is operated by Olam Food Ingredients (ofi). Formed in 2020, ofi offers a range of coffee, cocoa, dairy, nuts and spices, including private label options.  

In April 2022 the company acquired Coffee Club, one of Canada’s largest coffee roasters and private label coffee suppliers. 

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