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Fellow raises $30m to grow its retail presence

The US specialty coffee equipment manufacturer plans to use $30m in series B funding to continue its recent path into retail and developing its at-home coffee range of products

Founded in 2013, Fellow sells pour-over kettles, grinders and retail packaged coffee via an online marketplace | Photo credit: Fellow


Californian home brewing brand Fellow has attained $30m investment, led by growth equity firm NextWorld Evergreen, as it seeks to expand its branded retail store portfolio and focus on product innovation.  

Founded in 2013, the brand, which sells pour-over kettles, grinders and, more recently, retail packaged coffee via an online marketplace, said the funding will enable further innovation of its products, development of educational content, including guidance on how to use its products, and a second retail and showroom location in California, set to open this summer. 

“Over the years, we’ve learned that achieving our mission to help customers make exceptional coffee at home is more than just about great product design; it’s also about giving them access to the best quality beans and equipping them with guidance on how to use those products. This new funding will allow us to expand what we do and move our brand into this position,” said Jake Miller, CEO, Fellow. 

The Covid-19 pandemic increased consumer desire to emulate the café experience at home. Research cited by Fellow indicates that US consumers increasingly prefer home brewing, which jumped from 73% pre-pandemic to 81% this year. 

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