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Mahlkönig launches X54 grinder to meet rising demand for premium at-home coffee

Following 18 months of Covid-19 disruption, many consumers have sought to replicate the café experience by investing in premium at-home coffee equipment

Consumer attitudes in the global coffee industry have continued to evolve over recent years and during the pandemic.

There’s a growing appetite among consumers to invest in premium coffee equipment for the household and experiment with high-quality retail coffee products. The grinder plays a crucial role in unlocking coffee’s full potential and is therefore a key piece of equipment for a home coffee bar.

Developed to meet demand for the premium at-home coffee market, the new Mahlkönig X54 features advanced grinding for any brewing method. Its stepless grind size adjustment ranges over 35 indicators, from espresso to French Press. A set of 54 mm steel burrs can produce particles of less than 200 µm at the finest and up to 1,000 µm at the coarsest setting.

Moreover, the X54 includes a stainless-steel Mahlkönig cup and a steady portafilter support that fits any portafilter size.

Home baristas can swap from filter to espresso grinding, or vice versa, with a push of a button and exchange the front on the X54 so precious coffee grounds get safely collected.

The new X54 Allround Home Grinder is the first in the ‘Mahlkönig home’ product line, featuring the same grinding excellence and functionality of the commercial product range.

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