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Louis Dreyfus Company and Zephyr Japan announce joint venture

Agricultural commodities merchant Louis Dreyfus Company (LDC) and coffee distributor Zephyr Japan have announced a joint venture agreement to bolster specialty coffee in Japan

LDC and Zephyr Japan announce joint venture agreement | Photo credit: LDC

Netherlands-based LDC has signed a joint venture agreement with Japan-based green bean coffee merchant Zephyr Japan to catalyse the Japanese specialty coffee market. 

“This partnership with Zephyr Japan represents LDC’s first venture in Japan, a fast-growing market for specialty coffees,” said Ben Clarkson, LDC’s Global Head of Coffee.  

“It is also another positive step forward for our specialty business expansion, positioning LDC to increase premium coffee flows into Japan and East Asian markets,” added Clarkson. 

Coffee and café culture is gaining significant traction in East Asia, highlighting the strong opportunities for coffee companies in the region. 

World Coffee Portal data shows East Asia’s branded coffee chain market grew 5.1% in 2020 to exceed 74,500 outlets, with 13 out of 17 markets achieving outlet growth during the period. 

Founded in 1851, LDC is one of the world’s top five merchandisers of green coffee and serves a range of customers from specialty roasters to multinational food companies. 

In August 2021, LDC also signed a joint venture agreement with Polish private label coffee company Instanta to build and operate a freeze-dried instant coffee plant in Binh Duong province, Vietnam.

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