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Ukraine’s Boseco to launch e-bike coffee delivery concept in the US

Coffee capsule maker Boseco is set to deploy an ‘Uber-like’ coffee delivery service via e-bikes in San Francisco 

Boseco will launch its new mobile e-bike coffee concept in San Francisco | Photo credit: Boseco

Ukraine-based Boseco has announced plans to introduce its mobile e-bike coffee shops to cities around the world. 

Commencing with a launch in San Francisco, the company has ambitious plans to expand to ten cities within two years and 100 cities within five years.

The new ‘Coffeeshing’ service will adopt an e-commerce model, which Boseco describes as ‘Uber-like’, to enable customers to order coffee via a mobile app from non-traditional locations, including parks and recreation spaces. 

The company is offering franchising opportunities for individuals seeking to operate their own mobile coffee business, which requires a minimum £418 ($570) investment.

Boseco said it will provide its own-branded coffee capsules, negating the need for barista experience and thereby significantly reducing overheads. 

Many coffee shop operators have deployed app-enabled pick-up and delivery services during the pandemic, in order to diversify sales channels and offset revenue losses.

Highlighting the opportunities these revenue streams present for US operators, World Coffee Portal data shows 45% of US consumers surveyed in 2020 would be open to the option of coffee delivery.

Ukraine-based Boseco sells its own brand of coffee capsules and coffee machines via its online website, promoting that it sells more than 1.2 million capsules of coffee every year.

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