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European Union coffee imports rise 7% in a decade

New EU report highlights growing coffee consumption among European countries, with roasted coffee production growing 10% in a decade 

European coffee imports have risen 7% in a decade | Photo credit: Caelen Cockrum via Unsplash

The European Union imported 2.9 million tonnes of coffee from abroad in 2020, an increase of 7% compared with 2010 levels. 

According to a Eurostat report, most of the coffee imported in 2020 from non-EU countries arrived from Brazil and Vietnam, at 933,000 and 642,000 tonnes, respectively. 

The largest extra-EU imports mainly travelled to Germany and Italy, ahead of Belgium, Spain and France. 

UK market data was not included in the latest report following its departure from the EU in January 2021, Eurostat noted.

In 2020, over 1.9 million tonnes of roasted coffee was produced in the EU, up 10% compared with 2010. Moreover, the EU’s coffee production was worth almost €11bn, equivalent to around 4.2kg per inhabitant in 2020. 

Italy, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden produced 89% of the total EU production of roasted coffee in 2020. Italy and Germany were the leading producers among EU Member States, at 616,000 and 571,000 tonnes respectively. 

Despite Western European markets dominating coffee importation and production over the last decade, Eastern European markets look set to significantly increase coffee consumption in the coming years. 

World Coffee Portal data shows Eastern European branded coffee shop markets have enjoyed steady growth in recent years, with coffee culture gaining traction across the region.  

In 2020, Lithuania and Romania were Europe’s fastest growing branded coffee shop markets in Europe, achieving 34.8% and 29.8% outlet growth to exceed 180 and 600 stores respectively. 

Meanwhile, Russia’s market grew 16.5% to overtake France as Europe’s third largest branded coffee shop market, and now exceeds 4,000 outlets. 

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