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SOHO Coffee Co. expands digital channels to diversify sales

The UK-based coffee and food-to-go chain is expanding its online retail offering to meet new consumers and diversify sales

SOHO Coffee Co. is introducing new digital products, including a coffee subscription service, to diversify sales  | Photo credit: SOHO Coffee Co.

SOHO Coffee Co. has further developed its online coffee range, introducing a coffee subscription service, three new single origin coffees and brewing products via its online store. 

According to a company press release the ‘new purchase channels add an extra dimension to the SOHO brand, progressing SOHO from brick & mortar stores, supporting their vision of making SOHO a way of life for a broader customer base.’ 

Founded in Cheltenham in 1999, SOHO Coffee co. operates 42 sites at travel hubs, high streets, and shopping centres internationally, including in the UK, Spain, Portugal and Qatar.  

The coffee and food-to-go chain has introduced new sales channels to generate new revenue streams following sharp reductions in commuter and office worker footfall due to Covid-19.  

Subscription models and retail packaged coffee products are being deployed by many UK hospitality operators to offset pandemic revenue losses and increase customer retention. 

In September 2020, Pret launched ‘YourPret Barista’, a coffee subscription service offering up to five barista-beverages per day for a £20 ($26) monthly subscription, in the UK. 

Healthy fast-food chain Leon also launched a coffee subscription service in September 2020, in a bid to adapt to new customer routines and the rise of home working. 

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