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Project Café 2020: New global coffee shop research announced

Get your 2020 coffee shop strategy off to a flying start with World Coffee Portal’s market-leading suite of research reports

Over the next four months we will be releasing our annual coffee shop analysis of key global markets; USA, Europe and the UK, including brand new bolt-on reports on the US iced beverage segment and in-depth consumer data from France, Ireland, Germany and The Netherlands.

Make sure your 2020 business strategy delivers maximum impact and pre-order from our Project Café report series now. Dates for your diary below.

*NEW* Project Iced USA 2020 – 7 October 2019

Growth channels and future trends for the lucrative US iced beverage sector.

Iced beverages are big business in the US, with over 80% of US operators surveyed by Allegra in 2018 citing cold brew as the fast-growing product in coffee shops. While iced beverage sales in the UK and Europe remain largely fixed on seasonally warm weather, a growing number of under-30s US consumers now prefer to take their coffee cold whatever the weather.

Featuring data from 100+ in-depth interviews, surveys and consultations with key industry personal within the coffee shop industry and 5,000+ online surveys with US consumers, Project Iced USA is your essential guide to this burgeoning US growth channel.

The report identifies the growth and size of the iced beverage category within the branded coffee shop market and analyses critical factors such trading environment, like-for-like sales, short-term outlook and growth forecast.

Project Café USA 2020 – 14 October 2019

Premiumisation and consolidation. What next for the largest coffee consuming market in the world?

World Coffee Portal research reveals the $45bn+ US coffee shop market grew 4.9% in outlets in 2018 to reach nearly 36,000 stores. Yet with Starbucks, Dunkin’ and the legions of brands commanded by German conglomerate, JAB Holdings, holding around 80% market share, this highly opportune yet increasingly saturated market can be tricky to navigate.

Drawing from 5,000+ US consumer surveys, 100+ in-depth interviews surveys and consultations with key industry leaders, Project Café USA 2020 provides unrivalled analysis of the US branded coffee shop market. World Coffee Portal’s research includes market sizing, growth projections, major operator profiles and strategic planning analysis for the vast and global trend-setting US coffee shop segment.

Refresher: read the key findings from the 2019 study here.


Project Café Europe 2020 – 11 November 2019

In a hugely diverse continent, where will be the next market growth hotspots and strategies?

The European branded coffee shop market reached nearly 34,000 outlets in 2018, representing steady 6% growth across the continent. Romania Denmark and Cyprus set the pace as the fastest growth markets, but what will the future hold for this vast and highly diverse market?

Project Café Europe 2020 details market sizing and growth projections for all 38 European markets and provides additional pricing analysis and operator profiles for 24 featured markets.

For the first time, this study will contain core consumer research into four key markets: France, Germany, Ireland and The Netherlands, identifying changing consumption trends and growth opportunities.

Refresher: read the highlights from Project Café Europe 2019 here.

*NEW* Project Café Europe Sub-Reports – France, Germany, Ireland, Netherlands

For a more in-depth analysis of these key markets World Coffee Portal now offers bolt-on packs which include additional consumer survey data, industry leader insight, operator profiles and pricing, enabling deep-dives into these key strategic markets.

Project Café UK 2020 – 16 December 2019

Can UK coffee shops remain resilient in an increasingly challenging high street trading environment?

The £10bn+ UK coffee shop market is the largest and most influential in Europe, enjoying 20 consecutive years of market growth. World Coffee Portal recorded a grand total of 25,483 outlets in 2018, representing robust 7.9% growth. Yet with high street trading growing increasingly inhospitable and Brexit uncertainty eroding consumer confidence and investment, it is now more important than ever to understand what customers value, and how to deliver your café proposition with maximum efficiency.

Drawing from 150+ in-depth interviews, surveys and consultations with key industry leaders alongside 20,000+ UK consumer surveys, Project Café UK 2020 is our definitive guide to the UK branded coffee shop segment. Drawing on Allegra’s two-decades of UK coffee market expertise, the report can help your business build effective strategies to succeed in the UK’s challenging yet highly opportune retail environment.

Refresher: read the headline findings from the 2019 research here.


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