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Caffè Nero focus on customer experience and quality to drive growth

Europe’s largest independent coffee chain continues to achieve strong growth with a focus on customer satisfaction, new products and technology
Caffè Nero’s UK business enjoyed an 8% revenue rise and like-for-like sales growth of 2.8 % from 1 June 2016 to 31 May 2017, its 80th consecutive quarter of growth. Global like-for-likes also grew by 3.7% during the same period.

CEO and Chairman, Gerry Ford, said it was an “exciting time” for the coffee chain, citing new products, such as Cortado, and the introduction of the Caffè Nero app. Since April 2017, customers have been able to collect loyalty points and order coffee via their smartphone or tablet.

Ford hailed the brands continued expansion, citing dedication to customer experience and quality across its food and beverage ranges as key factors for the chain’s sustained growth. He also attributed the strong results to the firm’s strategy of significant capital expenditure and a steady global expansion programme.

“This year we have continued to focus on expanding our store base and delivering exceptional quality across our coffee products, our new and improved food options, and our service throughout our estate. We have also introduced a new app for rapid payment and loyalty rewards that has been particularly successful with our customers,” he said.

Loyalty and payment apps are increasingly important for UK consumers. Research from Allegra’s Project Café2018 report identified 32% visit coffeeshops more frequently because they have a branded app on their phone or tablet.

Opening in 1997, Caffè Nero today employs 7,000 people across 860 outlets in eight countries, including the UK, Ireland, Poland, Cyprus, Croatia, Turkey, the UAE and the US. The chain plans to open a further 85 stores worldwide in 2018, creating 650 jobs.

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