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Project Café 2019: Allegra announces new reports on key global markets

It’s report season at Allegra World Coffee Portal. Get ahead of the crowd and ensure your 2019 business strategy has maximum impact with our definitive research on the global coffee shop market – the Project Café 2019 series is available for pre-order now

Over the next four months we’ll be releasing our market-leading research on key global markets; the US, Europe and the UK – and our first ever Project Café Middle East report, featuring in-depth analysis of 12 countries. Get your coffee business up to speed with the latest market sizing, key trends, industry leader interviews and consumer insight from our Project Café reports series – the leading information resource for the global coffee shop industry.

Project Café Middle East 2019 – Available now

Opportunity abound as branded chains expand and consumer appetite for western coffee shop concepts grows 

With its vibrant branded coffee shop sector and growing interest in specialty concepts, the Middle East is brimming with opportunity. Project Café Middle East 2019 is our first, ground-breaking study on the region's emerging branded coffee shop market.

The report analyses market share of the top branded chains, offers industry leader insight and reveals the latest trends, opportunities and challenges across 12 key countries, including deep dives into Iran, Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Our analysis is based on Allegra’s unparalleled insight and knowledge of key industry stakeholders, including canvassed opinion from 300 industry leaders via interviews and surveys to create the most accurate snapshot of the Middle Eastern coffee shop market to date. 


Project Café USA 2019 – Available now

US consumers are more sophisticated than ever – but how will the coffee shop sector respond to growing market saturation?

The birthplace of Starbucks, the world’s largest coffee shop chain, the highly developed US coffee shop market has experienced increased consolidation and the growing influence of 5th Wave artisan concepts. Project Café USA 2019 is our market-leading study of the dynamic and trend-setting US coffee shop market. Our research analyses the business, social and economic dynamics of the branded coffee shop sector in the largest coffee-consuming market in the world. Get on top of the latest coffee shop trends with insight from more than 5,000 surveys with US consumers in-depth interviews with CEOs and Managing Directors and other leading industry figures.


Project Café Europe 2019 – Available now

Will Eastern European nations be the next growth hotspots in the continent's hugely diverse coffee shop market – and could Starbucks’ Italian debut start a chain reaction of European premiumisation?

An improving economic environment helped the European branded coffee shop market to grow in 2018 and consumers continue to adopt third-wave principles in less developed markets. Covering 25 key European countries, including the UK, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Spain, Italy, France, Poland, as well as the Nordic region, Project Café Europe is our comprehensive snapshot of the continent’s diverse coffee shop market. Based on 400+ interviews with industry leaders, our research reveals key coffee shop success factors, consumer consumption patterns and profiles the key market players in this broad and complex market environment.

Project Café UK 2019 – Late December 2018

Coffee goes pop as Coca-Cola acquires the UK’s biggest coffee shop chain, Costa Coffee. Premiumisation and automation are the trends to watch in the UK’s buoyant coffee shop market – but uncertainty over future EU relationship casts shadow over growth

Consumer appetite for tailored, boutique coffee shop experiences continues to grow, and the rise of super-automatic espresso machines is democratising artisan coffee across a hugely successful non-specialist coffee shop sector. Meanwhile, reduced high street footfall and labour shortages present two of the biggest challenges for operators today. 

Allegra anticipates that 5th Wave thinking, where brands scale-up a culture of business excellence across their operations, will remain the key growth driver in the UK market. Project Café UK is our market leading snapshot of the UK’s multi-billion-pound coffee shop industry. Compiling data from 150+ industry leader interviews, over 19,000 consumer surveys from the Allegra independent consumer panel and more than 18,000 online surveys with UK coffee shop visitors, Project Café UK 2019 continues 20 years of Allegra's trail-blazing research in the UK coffee shop market. 

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