S&D Coffee & Tea launches cold brew coffee concentrates

CONCORD, N.C., US – S&D Coffee & Tea, America’s leading coffee and tea manufacturer and supplier to restaurants and convenience stores, has this week launched its new cold brew coffee concentrate product under the proprietary brand TODDY®. 
The company aims to simplify the cold brew coffee process for foodservice operations by removing the need for staff to spend hours measuring, steeping and filtering out grounds when making the product in-house – a process which can normally take between 6 and 24 hours.
‘With the growing popularity of cold brew coffee, we saw the need for quality, craft-tasting products that are easy to implement,’ said John Buckner, Vice President of Marketing for S&D Coffee & Tea. ‘Our concentrates safely and consistently deliver delicious cold brew coffee every time, while making the process stress-free for foodservice operations.’
S&D will offer two shelf stable concentrate products – Cold Brew Coffee Black Label, a 4:1 concentrate to be consumed black, and Cold Brew Coffee White Label, a 24:1 concentrate specifically formulated to be mixed with dairy.
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