Caffè Nero launches mobile payment and loyalty app across all UK stores

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Caffè Nero this week announced the launch of the company’s first mobile payment and loyalty scheme app, accepted across all UK stores nationwide. The new product is believed to be the first coffee app in the UK to offer straight-through payment, automated loyalty collection and digital receipts in one platform.
Available on iOS and Android, the app will provide a digital version of Caffè Nero’s signature blue paper stamp, which has been in circulation since 1997 and is used by over nine million customers yearly.
Gerry Ford, Founder of Caffè Nero commented, ‘Making our loyalty card available on our customers' phones whilst also including an integrated payment system is a win-win. It still rewards customer loyalty and makes paying fast and easy. We believe this will be a great step forward for our customer experience.’
Caffè Nero is the third largest coffee chain in the UK and currently operate more than 650 stores across the country. The company has a presence in another 4 European markets, UAE and also entered the US market in 2014.
Registered in England. Company No. 8736608
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