Peet’s to invest $58 million in America’s East Coast

Peet’s Coffee has announced that it will invest $58 million on a roastery on America’s East Coast to provide its furthest-reaching clients with fresher coffee.

The West Coast-based company currently roasts and ships its coffee from Almeda, California which enables Californian shops to sell Peet’s coffee beans that are less than 72 hours old.  Products shipped to the East Coast, however, can as much as one week old.

The new, 175,000 square-foot roastery will be located in Suffolk, Virginia with access to the Port of Virginia.  This port is one of two on the East Coast that has received Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) certification as an exchange for coffee imports, making it a strategic location for the roastery.

‘Suffolk is the perfect location to support our high-quality standards while ensuring that the freshest beans are made available to our East Coast consumers much more quickly than today,’ Peet’s CEO David Burwick said.
No announcement has yet been made about the timeline for the project.
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