Global dominance of branded chains continues as Costa launches in Canada

As Starbucks reveals plans to open its first store in Italy, Costa Coffee has just announced its expansion into the Canadian market.

In collaboration with Shell, Costa will launch more than 150 Costa Express self-serve coffee bars across Canada, including Toronto, Alberta and Vancouver, with potential for a further 550 sites by 2020.

Since 2011, the number of Costa Express machines has increased from 877 to more than 5,000 across the UK and nine international markets. Costa’s move into Canada aims to improve people’s perceptions of on-the-go coffee in service stations in the country.

There seems to be no stopping the coffee industry from its global dominance as western chains spread into other markets. Despite economic slowdown, the branded coffee shop market is also thriving in South-East Asia, particularly in China where both Costa and Starbucks have a strong presence.

As branded chains continue to conquer the world, where will they look next to expand their empire?
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